Client A came to me around 300 lbs with an initial goal of taking off his shirt at the beach that summer. I set him up on a training and macro meal plan based on his goal of weight loss. Client A is improving daily. He tracks his macros and trains heavy about 5-6 times a week. He does a total of 90 minutes of cardio a week. He enjoys his favorite foods and is getting stronger daily. He is currently weighting in at 189lbs his goals have changed to muscle building and has recently started training for his first physique fitness competition. His journey is far from over and didn’t happen over night, but his results have been sustainable and the balanced approach with his nutrition and training has made that possible.

Client: Jessica Cable

She did a 4wk customized macro meal plan and this is a transformation photo of before starting the plan I wrote for her based on her goals, stats, & eating habits & then just two weeks later of following her customized macro meal plan & prescribed cardio. Jessica only lost 1lb in those two weeks but clearly was losing body fat at a healthy and sustainable pace. I can’t stress enough that the scale does NOT define your progress or your physique.

“I was so nervous to take my progress pictures because I felt I wasn’t going to see any changes but I was surprised to see these results and ended up being happier than expected” -Jessica Cable

That is the exact reason I require progress photos & hiding the scale! She killed her 4weeks & not only did she make great progress and lost body fat, but she gained knowledge about nutrition and how to fuel her body properly in order to get results.

Below is Jessica’s macros for those 4weeks & proof you don’t need to starve yourself or stay on a treadmill to lose weight or body fat!





ONE hour a week ONLY of cardio!!

Client C came to me initially wanting to lose weight. After her consultation she told me she loves to workout but struggles with what to eat and how much to eat. We did a food journal that showed she was only consuming between 800-950 calories and typically had a cheat night once a week. We began a reverse diet where we slowly increased her calories in the form of carbs and fats. She killed her workouts daily while having a toddler at home and working over 40hrs a week. Her energy levels were higher than ever and she felt better mentally each week. She did a 12 week reverse plan and at her end mark she was at 1500 calories and had lost 5 inches. You can see by the photos above by getting the proper amount of food and working out you can lose weight and be healthy.