Growing up I played sports and was a very active kid. I started working in a gym at 16 years old making smoothies and cleaning the gym floor. I went to college and attempted a degree in criminal justice but nothing gave me the same drive as fitness and anatomy did. I started doing an internship at the same local gym I worked at when I was 16 in 2010 and was happy to be back, loving it more everyday. I loved helping people and physically watching them change and reach their goals daily. I knew fitness was going to be a part of my future in someway.

I started doing fitness competitions in 2011. I loved the dedication and drive it took. My passion for fitness and the sport was at an all time high. The hours of cardio and strict meal plans took over my life personally and physically but I thought “if it was easy everyone would do it”. With that mindset, I excused the extreme actions my coach had me taking in order to get on stage to compete.

It wasn’t until after my second competition I did the whole “rebound” weight gain and realized this was not the right way to go about the active lifestyle I desired, nor was I comfortable with the neglect I was giving to other areas of my life. I wanted to find a healthier approach to nutrition, getting active, and competing. At that point is when I went back to school for nutrition and studied for my certifications in personal training.

How can you relate to me as a trainer and nutritionist?

In 2011 I had just finished my last competition and started feeling weird every time I ate. I felt severe abdominal pains and experienced bloating to an uncomfortable size. Eventually I started seeing doctors and going through multiple surgeries with no explanation. I had lost about 40lbs in the matter of two months. I could barely eat without being in pain so working out was no longer an option. In January of 2013 I was diagnosed with MALS (a very rare vascular disease) and Endometriosis. This caused me to need more surgeries ultimately leading up to having a bypass in May of 2013. It was a complicating surgery that I had to fight for my life to get through. The doctors said if I wouldn’t have been so active then there was no way I would have pulled through the way I did. Being healthy is important!

I battle chronic pain on a daily basis, some days are worse than others. I do what I can each day and I use the gym as my outlet from my health issues. There are times I am unable to push through and on those days I listen to my body and rest. My current health issues allow me to relate to my clients who may also have struggles.

 I share my story with you not for sympathy, but for me to share my story and show you that if you want something bad enough you can and will find a way. If you have the right mind set and support you can do anything. My family and friends are a huge support system for me and as a trainer that’s exactly what I want to be for you. So together let’s wake up and decide “today I will work to be the best version of me that I can be.”